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ASKTMK runs a daily task which scrapes all transcript related information hosted on

The TerenceMcKenna Wikispaces

Feel free to use the information however you want to in your own apps.
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How to use?

Get requests are returned in JSON format only.

Sign up or login to and visit the settings page.
There you will find an api key listed on the bottom which you will need to make requests with.

Note: Make sure all requests contain the key parameter as the first parameter after the call.

Base url:

Key parameter:


Talks/Transcribed Call

Note: Transcripts by default will be returned in pure text if type is not specified.

Each talk has the following values:
id, title, location, date, transcript, youtube, link

Get all listed talks:

Get all transcribed talks:

Get talk by id:


Year: &year=1991

Has a youtube link: &youtube=yes/no

Transcript format:&type=text/html

Quotes Call

The quotes returned are quotes which have been saved (by highlighting transcript text) from users on All quotes are by Terence.

Note: About 700 or so quotes do not have talkid, talk and year because they were added programmatically from other sources.

Each quote has the following values:
quote, talk, talkid, year, link

Get all quotes:

Get todays quote (GMT):


Year: &year=1991

talkid: &talkid=18


Get all talks from 1991 where there is a youtube link and return transcripts (if they exist) in html format:

Get all transcribed talks from 1998 where there is not a youtube link and return transcripts in pure text format (type parameter can be omitted in this case):

Get all transcribed talks where there is a youtube link

Get all quotes from year 1993

Get all quotes from a specific talk (using talkid)


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